It’s been exactly ONE YEAR since I first pushed play on an at-home workout. After MONTHS of scrolling past a mama friend on #instagram, who was rocking these workouts and doing her thang with 2 young girls, I reached out to her on a whim and was at a really low point.

I was tired.
I was doing A LOT.
I was constantly busy.
I was focusing on everyone else.
I was putting others before me.
I was hiding.
I was…probably not as happy as I used to be.
I was doing everything for my family. God, I love them so much.

Then, something just hit me in the face – I can’t keep up mentally. I can’t keep up emotionally. I can’t keep up with everyone if my body cannot physically keep up. I could tell my psoriasis was starting to really affect me too. My bones, my joints, everything started to ache. With #momlife and #teacherlife I am up and down on the floor all day long. ALL DAY. It was starting to become rough to just KEEP UP.

So last summer, after a lot of months WATCHING, I decided to finally start MOVING. It might sound crazy but after one workout I felt a change. A change physically (which was huge) and mentally. I joined a challenge group and when I post a workout there are others out there doing the same type of workouts and they cheered me on. There were other moms out there moving their body when they could because they wanted to. Just like me. It has really changed the game.

Workout 1 DONE August 1st, 2019. Wow.

Since August 1st, 2019, I have done a total of 323 workouts. On the days I didn’t press play I either needed a minute, was sick, or took a planned rest day.

I’m up early every single morning so I am dressed and ready way before I start workout out. I have a pre-workout drink that helps me stay focused while teaching and then helps push me through to my workout. My goal is to workout before my girls wake up. On the days that it happens, ooh, the day just seems to go in order. On the days that it doesn’t, I adjust our schedule, and plan accordingly so I do get a workout in. My girls have definitely been documented climbing all over my during my workouts. The balance of loving on them while they do that and just wanting these last few minutes to finish is tough for me. BUT- we make it through.

I’ve seen a lot of women share that they want to be an example to their kids. Show them what hard work and dedication look like. While I am the same, I find myself mainly just wanting my workouts to be my quiet alone time. Ah #momlife. It’s such a balancing act.

Things may get awkward but at least we have fun.

I will keep moving my body and focusing a lot more on what goes into my body throughout the next year. We’ve always had a balanced and colorful diet but my goal is to be a lot more intentional with our meals and eating habits. I should also mention that I love popcorn, licorice, and rice crackers. Can’t be tamed.

Cheers to another year of sweat, tears, aches, and accomplishing so much in 30 minutes right in the middle of my living room.
Where my at-home workout friends at?! Holler at your girrrrrrl!! 🙂

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