My Lifesaver: The Wet Brush

(Welcome to #whatilikeaboutwednesday! Each week I share one of my favorite products I use. All of my posts are just my personal opinion. You’re welcome!)

My daughter Jasmine was born with a full head of curly black hair. It is beautiful. It has been so much fun to play with – – up until about a year ago. Her hair is l o n g and keeps growing! It is A LOT of work. I taught myself how to braid and have become pretty good at it. You can imagine my excitement when I kept seeing her hair grow. Well now my opinionated 4 year old does not like it one bit when I try and brush her hair. Tears. Screams. Oh my.

A friend of mine suggested, a few times to me, The Wet Brush. Now the sight of a brush always sends Jas running but with some quick thinking her chair becomes a hair salon, she sits down, and I am able to brush her hair. I have found that this Paul Mitchell Taming Spray works well with her hair. I invested in this when the task of brushing ALL her hair started becoming a real challenge.

All I need is for her to sit so I can roll up my sleeves and get to her flowing locks. This brush has seriously helped SO SO much and now hair brushing time has become a lot quieter and with less tears. Phew! The bristles on the brush are angled so while I brush through the knots there isn’t a strong pull. This means there is no screaming! WIN!

After all of the locks from top to bottom get brushed through I usually put her hair in a braid for bed time. This helps so she doesn’t get too hot at night and to help keep knots away for a little while longer. I am extremely happy with this brush and definitely recommend it to anyone with thick, wavy, and curly hair. Get you a Wet Brush!

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