Weekends Are For Fun and Ice Cream!

….and man, was it hot out!

Summer is here and we are still (for the most part) staying home. When we do go out somewhere, masks are in tow and we keep our distance from everyone. I have been trying to think of some fun activities for all of us to do on the weekends so we maintain that distance but also gets us outside. Thank God there are San Diego moms who post fun activities to do O U T S I D E!

I was given the idea of our Saturday outing from @famdiego – a mom who shares a lot of kid-friendly spots and activities in San Diego. You’d think being from San Diego I would know a lot but… I don’t. Haha. We drove up Highway 101 to get to Dave’s Rock Garden. It is someone’s front yard and has been transformed into a beautiful and creative space filled with so many painted rocks! Jas had so much fun looking at all the different rocks and Marina loved finding toys!

Next, we walked up the block and got some ice cream from Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream. Um… this ice cream is amazing! The servings are HUGE! Jas got strawberry ice cream and was in love. We tried two versions of Mint Chocolate which were divine. Probably the best part was the cute baby cone Marina was given of vanilla ice cream! She LOVED it and was done in seconds!

Jay and I were able to get away for a few hours Saturday night for a D A T E night. A DATE NIGHT. That hasn’t happened in a very VERY long time. We got some Poke dinner and went to La Jolla Shores to eat it all up! Then, we walked. Something he loves to do but lately when we go to the beach it is strictly play. Hi kids! We watched the sunset and it was a really. nice evening just the two of us.

Sunset at the Shores. The best.

On Sunday, we ventured down to National City because Jay needed something which ended up not being there. We decided to try another store so we drove all the way up to Mira Mesa and we found the store but it was closed.
We decided we needed to find some ice cream.

I knew of a place that had Halo Halo – a delicious Filipino style dessert. It’s obviously Jay’s favorite so he was down to go find it. This cafe, Halo Halo Cafe, can be found in the back of Poway. Who know!? Now I do!

We got some lumpia because it’s a part of my diet and headed to Lake Poway. I love this park and have MANY special memories here. It’s pretty busy on the weekends but everyone seemed to be keeping their distance and were spread out. There are a lot of tables and restrooms. It was great to see people outside and enjoying time together on this beautiful weekend. We enjoyed our snacks and then went over to the lake.

The girls had fun throwing rocks or sand (Marina) into the lake. Jay and I have done the Potato Chip Rock hike that starts here at the park. Recently, with the girls, we also hiked to Lake Ramona. That was a first for us and it was beautiful. We carry the girls on our backs and trekked them all over the place!

Didn’t take long for us to see the girls were spent, so we headed home and they ended up passing out very soon after lights out.
It was such a fun weekend and even though it was blazing hot out we were still able to really enjoy our time together.
Have you ever been to Handel’s? There are a few locations in San Diego. What about Halo Halo Cafe? There is also a location in Chula Vista!
Hope you all had a fun weekend and were able to beat the heat!

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