A List of 5 Amazing Children’s Books on Diversity and Inclusion!

(Friendly reminder that the following are books I have purchased and all opinions are my own. Enjoy!)

I looked at my daughters book collection a few weeks back and I was VERY embarrassed to see that their selection lacked diversity.. We have a lot of nice books and my oldest loves reading but there were not a lot of books that seemed to share about different cultures and races. Wow. How did I even miss this? After all these years? Well! I hit Amazon real quick to order some new books about these important topics. It appeared that a lot of other parents out there had done the same because for a while and even now, books are out of stock.

I have found some really great stories and continue to research and learn more books that are out there – age appropriate but dive into the big topics going on in our country right now.

Here a list of 5 BOOKS that my 4 year old daughter brings to me a lot to read throughout the day:

  1. Those Shoes” by Maribeth Boelts


This is such a special story about a young boy learning to think of someone else in need. That feeling of wanting something others have and then feeling sad when you can’t get them. In this story, it’s shoes. A young boy wanting shoes so badly. When he does get them, he doesn’t feel as happy as he thought he would until he remembered a friend who was in need – of shoes. Wow. It’s seriously such a great story! My daughter chooses this book regularly to read and it always creates a great conversation between us.

2. “Our Class is a Family” by Shannon Olsen

This is such a special story about community. I love the vibrant illustrations in this book. It is also a rhyming book which helps me create a fun tone of voice while I read. Children must feel safe, wanted, cared for, and important while in the classroom. This story shares how that is how every child should always feel.

3. “Whoever You Are” by Mem Fox

This story takes readers all over the world showing how children live in their country. It shares really beautiful illustrations of many different cultures. I love that it includes a picture of a young child hurt to teach children that we all hurt and we all have sad feelings. This is a board book so it is also perfect for younger ones.

4. “The Peace Book” by Todd Parr

This story has the cutest illustrations! Very preschool age appropriate. It shares what “peace” means. Where peace can be seen. Where it can be heard. I really like that this book shows young children how peace can be found all around them. In the simplest of places. I really love that message.

5. “Love Makes A Family” by Sophie Beer

WHAT a special story book about LOVE. Inside are beautiful, vibrant pictures and simple text for preschoolers. I love that conversations can be created from the illustrations. They’re so detailed! No matter what your family looks like, it’s the special moments throughout the day that fill it with love. It’s the hard moments. The scary moments. The happy moments. The safest place for children should be at home with the people taking care of them. Whoever they are, love really does make a family.

Could I go on and share more from our new collection? Yes, I could. I am continuously adding more! I love reading these stories with my children. I love the conversation it has started with my oldest. I am going in with the mindset that it’s my job to teach, to discuss, to question, to listen, and to be the positive example.

Lastly, I know they are more out there and I’ve been guided to a few but if you know of any age appropriate books that are about experiencing racism. Please share with me!
Do you own any of these books? Which one would you add to your child’s book collection?


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