My Workout Clothes – Comfortable and Stylish

(As always please remember that the following are my opinions and mine alone. Thanks!)

Ah, working out. It’s so much fun. It’s SO much work. If I’m going to sweat, I want to be comfortable. For the last year or so, I’ve been working out in whatever tank top I could find and I really only have ONE actual “workout” tank.

Then just a few months ago, maybe at the start of quarantine, a friend told me about some cute workout tops from…. Walmart! I was SOLD before I even saw them because of the price! $5! Now I did have to see them for myself and once I did I bought all the ones I could in my size. I love how lightweight they are, love the vibrant colors, and appreciate the loose fit. They’re also a great top to just wear on any and every busy day in my life.

PS. My pants are from Amazon. SO comfortable.

Right now I only find them IN STORES. ((Walmart requires all customers and employees to wear masks, there are signs everywhere about spacing, and sanitizes carts when they are returned)) I’ve done some online research but it doesn’t quite match. If anyone is able to find them on the Walmart website please PLEASE let me know!

Where do you buy workout clothes? Where are some good stores for sales? PLEASE let me know!

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