Wash yo face, with these gloves!

We back with #whatilikeaboutwednesdays.
As always, this is a post about a product I use and this is my personal opinion. Holla!

You know that feeling when your skin feels so smooth and clean?? That “ooh, aaahhhh” feeling?? So ever since I began using the EcoTools EXFOLIATING gloves I have to resist from feeling my smooth face afterwards. I solely use these gloves for washing my face.

I buy EcoTools at my local Sprouts here in San Diego. The price for the gloves are affordable especially for the quality of the material. They slide on easily after multiple uses. I usually replace them every few months.
Along with these gloves, I also use their make-up brushes. I find them to be durable, clean, and simple. If I haven’t mentioned yet, I am not too make-up savvy and these brushes help me apply the little bit of foundation I put on.

What sells me is that the products from EcoTools are PETA cruelty free. Everything is made out of recycled materials and even “Free-Tree” packaging! I like that I am able to, in a little way, help out our environment and earth by getting a product that I will use daily.

Have you heard of EcoTools before? What is important for you when buying facial cleansing and make-up products?? Would love to know!

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