This RAZOR has it all!

My first WHAT I LIKE ABOUT WEDNESDAY.. Let’s talk razors.
(ps. the following is a personal opinion post sharing from one woman to another. enjoy!)

Confession: I did not shave under my arms or my legs for the first 30ish days of quarantine. THERE I SAID IT. Keeping it real. The razor that I originally had was definitely done, the days kept passing by, the weather was cold, and I just did not feel like shaving. What was the point?

Ok, then it got to the point where it needed to be done. IT DID. I had heard about the Billie Razor and found it to be very intriguing. A few influencers on #instagram had posted about it but it wasn’t until I saw a friend post about her experience with it that I finally put it in my cart and purchased it!

Here’s what I like about it..
First, price. It is only $9! The razor has 5 blades! For me, this is huge. Most 5 blade razors are (in my opinion) ridiculously expensive. The price for this amazing razor and getting FOUR refills each month is amazing. ps. f r e e shipping!
Second, customizable. When you sign up, they ask how often you shave. This lets them now how often new blades will arrive at your doorstep from the start. Whether you’re an avid shaver or a little more carefree you get to choose the amount of time in between shipments. So convenient.
Lastly, the magnetic holder you put on the wall. THIS THING IS GAME CHANGING. Clutch. I used to try and find a place to rest my always would rust (ew) or drop easily (double ew). When I set it up, I mounted it on the wall for about a day and now the razor is hanging and looking fab until I use it again. Perfect.

The magnetic mount sticks to your shower wall. The razor is a perfect fit.

It’s been a month since I ordered and I was just notified that FOUR more blades are on their way. Hence, I thought I’d share why I am totally diggin’ this new product. Have you heard of the Billie razor? Do you use it? Would love to know!

Click here to shop!

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