Living That Fit Life…

After babe number 1, getting back to how I looked and felt wasn’t too hard. Losing the baby weight wasn’t really an issue. My body definitely changed and I felt that a lot. Life also changed in every way but we kept active, ate balanced meals, and overall I felt good. The amount of energy wasn’t really an issue either. As soon as I got pregnant again with babe number 2, I knew that I was going to NEED all and more energy to keep up with both little humans. When she arrived, the months passed, and it was much harder to burn off that pregnancy weight. I was working morning and all day and when I came home, I had no energy to do anything but care for them until their bed time and then I shortly fell asleep as well.”There was no time to workout”.

Fast forward 9 months – after watching a friend from elementary school share her story on Instagram, I was motivated to start some at-home workouts. It was in a challenge group and it was 100 workouts! Wow! After the 100 sweaty intense workouts were completed, I started doing some of the other programs offered. Some are just 21 days while others are 6 or 8 weeks long!

I definitely feel like I am just now starting to physically see a change but I have felt a change for a while. Clothes fit and now are almost too big. My arms are more defined. My BUTT is actually round. Whoa. That may sound silly but it’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I can feel such a different in my backside and my legs.
The biggest difference is the amount of energy I have from the start of my day, which is very early, to the end of it! I make it through and give it all to every aspect of my life. From teaching, to adulting, to mommy-ing, to wife-ing, and to living. I get through it and I think it’s because these workouts get my day going.

July 2019 – May 2020

Along with consistently working out, I drink a “superfoods” shake once a day. It has all the nutrients I need (and then some) and keeps me full during the afternoon (I usually drink it with lunch). My husband enjoys it as well! We, as a family, eat pretty balanced meals mixed with fruit, veggies, proteins, whole grains, and I definitely indulge every now and then. Definitely need to focus more on my nutrition for health reasons.

I have a long way to go – like the rest of my life. I have the short-term goals that I’m working towards.

My days are busy busy but I MAKE the time for myself and get a sweat in. It’s helped get through quarantine life and also whatever else life has thrown us these past few months. Even my husband joins me from time to time but he’s not a morning person.
I like working out, I like moving my body. I like being able to keep up with my girls and my day.

Do you prefer at-home workouts or hitting the gym? Let me know!

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