A Day in the Life.. Quarantine Style

It has been over 30 days since our family went into quarantine mode. It has flown by! Every day is a rollercoaster of emotions. I personally feel like I’m now just going with the flow and staying focused on the ultimate goal – to GO OUTSIDE to all the places we love again.
I have to note that I am definitely in a rare position where both my jobs are not being affected as I know countless others are. I do not take it for granted one single bit.
Anyway, the days are rolling on by and my life is busier than ever. I went from a part time online ESL teacher, part time preschool teacher, and a full time mom to a part time online ESL teacher, part time ONLINE preschool teacher, and a FULL TIME stay at home mom! It’s has surprisingly been an easy transition for our family to move into.

I work everyday usually 4:00 am to 2:00 pm. I teach English until 6:00 am, and have two preschool classes to prepare for. Also have staff meetings throughout the week too. The great thing about being at home is that there are pockets of time throughout the first part of the day that can be devoted to eating meals all together, spending time with the girls and taking care of essential things times I am normally not home.

This is where the girls are all day!

The girls love having both Jay and I home ALL day long. There are lots of play time, fun snack times, and we have never gone on so many walks around our neighborhood! Jas and I have baked and done some exciting science experiments. Marina helps us clean up dishes and just loves running around everywhere. We are blessed with an awesome outdoor space where the girls can run around and play literally all day long. When the sun starts setting we have to drag them back inside.
Jas also is still able to attend preschool! She has her morning class everyday and her “Auntie” sits with her. It’s so cute and they both love that time together. Jas also takes an online Spanish class now. She surprised me so much by sitting and paying attention very well in front of the camera. With some parks now open again, we may even get to back to the small creek near our home. We went right before the city closed everything and Jas has been wanting to go again.

When I am not teaching and/or when the girls are in bed, I am binge watching Outlander. It’s been a slow start BUT I like it! Laundry doesn’t get done on the weekends anymore… but it does still get done on one of the days.
The days are all blended together but they are passing by faster than we realize. One day, we’ll be back at work daydreaming about that quarantine life again. Our family is together now. Everyone is healthy now. My jobs are helping our family so much now. I feel truly blessed.

My heart breaks for everyone in our country and our world – we are all affected in some way.
Stay strong. Practice social distancing. Stay home and live your life.

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