Just another fun and creative activity to pass the time of #quarantine2020

The goal: Do a project that takes up some time and I wouldn’t have to leave the house to get any supplies.
Now I’m a teacher and have supplies constantly on hand so I may have a bit more than most. The ingredients for this project are probably in most family homes right now as we are all trying to get by and pass the time away.
After some research on #instagram I found some great accounts that display a lot of #recycledart activities. I was immediately sold because I easily had the supplies and I didn’t have to leave the house.
I have searched for the original post of this activity and cannot find it. Still continuing to look so I can give them all the credit.

Anyway, I just knew Jas would LOVE this. She’s four and 3 weeks into #stayinghome she is starting to get a little cabin fever. This was an activity she can do on her own, not too messy (would still do it even it was), and super fun for the upcoming holiday.

– Cardboard cut out in shape of eggs
– Glue (I’m biased to clear Elmer’s glue)
– Sidewalk Chalk ( you know you have some right now lol)
Optional Items
– Bowl
– Spoon
– Tray/Pan

All our supplies ready and someone is ready to go!
This stuff is my jam.

First we shaved off the chalk into a bowl. We scrapped it with a spoon. She chose all the colors and had fun mixing everything up.

Having fun shaving off the chalk and mixing colors!

With enough chalk in the bowl, it was time to put glue onto the cardboard eggs. She wanted to try and squeeze the glue onto the cardboard first. I let her try. It was so cute. I ended up doing the first few eggs and then let her pour the chalk over the glue. She LOVED doing this and then we”d shake off the excess chalk back into the bowl.

She decided to do an egg for every single person in the family. We had enough cut out eggs for all so it worked out perfectly.
This is definitely a messy project. Chalk was everywhere.
It was so much fun and all worth it.

I mean, look at that smile.
The next step was to hole punch the top of the eggs and strung pipe cleaners through. She went around and passed eggs out around the house for decoration. So cute.

If you do this activity with your child please let me know!
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Hoppy Easter!

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