This is How I Do it.. Every Single Day.

How do you do it? How do you get up so early every single morning? When do you sleep? These are the questions I get asked a few times a week. From people I’ve known for decades now. From other women I’ve known throughout the my life. From friends who have become mothers around the same time I have. I post on my social media what I do every single morning. I share that I’m by myself in the evenings while my husband is at school completing his degree.
I continue to share my struggles and my amazing success moments of being a mom of two (which many women are!). Sugar coat this life? No no.

My answer to these questions is pretty simple: I have been living off adrenaline since my second daughter was born. I knew before she was out of my body that as soon as she was on earth side, I wanted our routine of life to stay as normal as it had prior to her birth. I wanted Jas to adapt and evolve with us. Which she has. We’ve struggled and have had many challenges but I’ve managed to keep a pretty level head, deal with all the emotions head on, and remind myself how short this time is. I remind my self that my little humans, my little creations, are learning how to be people . They have seriously no idea what is going on and it’s my job to guide them, help them, teach them, encourage them, support them, love them, and be a damn good role model to them. So this is HOW I’ve done it. I’ve literally lived off this adrenaline to keep going, to keep fighting, to keep living my life for them.

Now… WHY I do what I do every single day has a few more details to it. WHY I get up at 2:40 every single day. WHY I chose to work full days a few times a week while my husband is gone all day. WHY I live this way is different than HOW I live my life.


Most of my Online ESL teaching paycheck goes to paying for Jasmine to go to Preschool. Yes, the preschool I work at. I’m extremely blessed my director has allowed Jas to attend this small school and I know Jas is getting the BEST first experience at school here. That being said, Preschool is not cheap. THIS preschol is not cheap. So I work hard to cover her monthly tuition and even for her to take some fun extra curricular classes. Getting up early every single morning, eases the burden of paying that bill each month. Without the early mornings, she would not be able to attend this preschool. (This preschool is in a small community in San Diego. It is not in our local neighborhood.)

What a blessing it is to be able to watch my daughter fall in love with learning and with God. She has had the best teachers these past two years. This year is extra special because I get to spend her outside play time with her. Jas runs up to me each morning yelling “Mama! Mama!”. Jas has her own agenda and usually runs off to play or be with the other teachers. It’s amazing to see her walk away from me with confidence. She’s been like this since she started preschool. She feels secure in herself which is an appropriate development for her (ECE nerd here) which of course makes me do an internal happy dance all the time. 🙂

Every now and then Jas wants to be with me when she’s outside playing.

Jas walked into preschool ready and excited. She’s seriously rocked it every single day with all the different changes in our family. She’s ready, set, and going to do wonderful things.

This is WHY I wake up so early every single morning.

NOW, another reason I am up before the sun every morning is to pay off some debt.
A huge goal of mine to eventually pay it all off. It piled up a few years ago after pursuring a small business. I started off with a dream in my head but it never flourished how I wanted it to. The debt kept piling up and it started to become too much. My job now, helped at first, but once Jas started preschool I knew I’d need something else.
Teaching online every morning, picking up extra classes when I want to, and creating a consistent schedule each morning has allowed for me to make the money to pay off my debt. To control my debt.

The early mornings, seven days a week can be rough. I am awake for about 18 hours each day.
When I’m done teaching at 4:55 AM, there’s a moment taken where I say, “I just did that!”. I just danced around my kitchen for 2 hours. I just made some money before the sun rises.

These are my WHY – why I have such a early and busy schedule. This is WHY, despite not getting a lot of sleep, I do what I do. These two reasons are HOW I keep up with adrenline that has been non stop for a year and a half. This is It’s not always easy. It can be exhausting.
I remind myself that it’s not permanent. Life won’t always be like this.
So I keep working hard and keep living my life.

Peace and love,

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