My Top 5 Survival Tips for when YOU and Your Children are sick… at the same time!

Let me tell ya. It ain’t pretty.

(please be advised that the following are how my family and I got through this. if you do not agree with something, that’s okay. also, it doesn’t hurt to just listen).

Got some fresh air on Sunday at the park…before everything got weird!

Now, it all started on a Wednesday. It may or may not have been my daughters birthday. I knew right away the cough she woke up with was NOT normal. I kept her home from school for the rest of her school week. By Friday, she was down for the count with a fever and all. She pulled through and by the next Wednesday she was back at school. We made it to Friday and then BOOM! Both girls got sick. Saturday – a blur.. Sunday – a hazy mess. Then, I woke up in the wee hours of Monday morning and knew something wasn’t right. My stomach started twisting and turning. TMI? Oops. Anyway, we all woke up on Monday feeling oh so very sick. A baby had been throwing up. My husband was feeling lightheaded. I started to have the aches and my head was spinning. Now, my oldest managed to feel just fine and dandy on Monday so she spent time with family while the rest of us suffered.

We all just laid together in order to survive.

But the life of a parent, a mother, doesn’t end when you’re sick. It should. But it doesn’t. Maybe for some they’re able to have the extra ten set of hands to help when their kids vomit all over their bed. Me – no. I’m so lucky I had 2 extra to take care of the oldest but other than that I was feeling so sick while I was cleaning up and doing laundry and figuring out the next steps.

So. Here’s what I did in order for me..errr, I mean us to survive:

It was blasting ALL night long. Just filled it with water. We added a little bit of heat before the girls went to bed – in the form of a space heater – and then the humidifer had control for the rest of the night. Despite all the sickness, these girls slept throughout the nights swimmingly. We use a Vicks humidifier. Clutch. I place it in the middle of the room and let it just go!

Stays on all throughout the night – helps so so much!

Both girls had spiked a fever no higher than 102.00. I’m the type of person that will avoid going to the Doctor’s or seeking medical advice unless I think it’s absolutely necessary. I guess I’m doing that with my children as well. Well, their fevers worried me just a smidge, so I called our Pediatricians nurse hot line at 4 am. (Holla!) A nurse told me any form of hydration will help with the fever so I got some juice (diluted it with water) and so many popsicles. Safe to say the girls thought it was so great to have these since they normally are given water and milk. I will gladly eat a popsicle anyday. Does water taste funny for anyone else when you’re sick or is that..just me?

AKA – A hot and steamy bathroom. I pulled the shower faucet all the way to the left on full blast and let the room heat up. We literally had a sauna party in there for 20 minutes just to breathe in all the warm air. This helped with runny noses (fun!) and overall relaxed everyone. Remember, I am sick too at this point so I benefited from this as well.

Ugh, food when you have a stomach bug. No no no. Never never never. I kept meals so so simple and everyone’s appetite was a rollercoaster of oh my goodness. Foods that helped calm our stomachs were yogurt, toast, pasta. I finally made a big bowl of chicken noodle soup and baked a huge loaf of french bread one night. All four of us had some and it brought some life back to the table. Ever heard of the BRAT diet? Bread, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. These were game changers throughout these messy days.

5. R-E-S-T
Simple right? Ha. Everything explodes right your face all at once. The clothes and bedding all need to be washed and changed. The house definitely needs to cleaned and sanitized for yucky germs. I was sick, sicker than I have in a long while, and my oldest still needed me. The baby would sleep, fuss, want to breastfeed, and then sleep again. I just laid there and fed her to sleep so many times. I let the oldest watch a movies in bed just so she would stay in bed. Plus, when you’re sick, watching movies is the only thing you’re allowed to do. Haha. We stayed in side, cuddled up and waited it out. This was a game changer for me after a full day of just resting (Blessed I had some helping hands to spend time with at least one daughter lol).

She napped hard. It was heartbreaking to see her so uncomfortable.

That’s it! These 5 tips helped me survive and crawl up and over the hill of stomach bugs to happier and calmer pastures. For our family we all pulled through about 4 days after the first bump. Our regular appetite came back and our energy level is….shining!
It was an experience I never ever thought about going through, haven’t gone through before, and am going to try and be prepared for when it happens again (because it probably will).

P.S. I have done about 6 loads of laundry due to all of us getting sick at the same time. Oh. My Gosh.

Peace and love,
Christie 🙂

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