2:40 am

That’s the time I set my alarm for every single night. I give myself less than 15 minutes to then get ready, change, brush teeth, apply lipstick, and then stumble out to my little nook in-between my kitchen and dining room to connect, for two hours, with children in China. It’s a wild two hours filled with huge smiles that cover yawns, quick (1-2 min) bathroom breaks, and A LOT of dancing!

Quick change, apply lipstick and then ready to go!

By 5 AM, I’m done teaching but there’s a feedback portion we must complete to give to the parents. I have 12 hours to get it done so I put my classroom away and head into my living room to workout.Â
It’s 30 minutes of TIME I take care of myself. Time I sweat. Time I swear a whole lot.. Yep. After that is done, the morning flies by.

Both kids get up just before 6 am.
Husband has to leave for work a bit after 6:30 am.
Kids need to be dressed, fed and ready.
I need to be dressed and packed up for work. Lunch prepared. Computer in bag.
We (Jas and I) are out the door a bit after 7:30 am to get to school by 8:00 am.

I work until 3:30 pm and although I live 4 miles away from work, there’s really only one way in and one way out to get to the freeway. It takes almost 30 minutes to get home.

When I arrive home, the real fun begins.
GOAL: Have children in bed by 7:30 pm. BOTH of them.
We play, I try to make dinner or have it prepared before hand and heat up to have dinner by 5:00/5:30. Bath time by 6:00 which gives enough time for hair to dry (both my humans have a full head of hair and must be tamed.
By then, we’re all pooped. We’ll go into their room, read a story or two and then turn off the lights. Is it 7:30?? Maybe. Does it always go as planned?? Never.
I work towards keeping this consistent routine so we all know what to expect day to day. I also communicate with my oldest thoroughly if our schedule will be different. She is learning to go with the flow. Haha.

There are a lot of factors that must be kept in mind when prepping for my entire day. Some are: I single parent most of the time while my husband attends night school, my 1 year old is changing her sleep schedule and growing. She’s everywhere! Sometimes, we do activities when I get home from work. Grocery shopping can never happen during the week but sometimes it does.

By 8:00 pm, both little babes are in bed and I set up my classroom for the next morning. I lay out my clothes for teaching, for working out, and for the day. I pack my bag and get it ready by the door.

This type of schedule and way of living won’t be always like this. My kids are growing up and soon will be way more independent. My husband will work a job that will bring him home at night instead of heading to the classroom. I may become a stay at home mom. I may just work full time and not wake up as early. It’s full but not rushed. It’s tiring but not draining. For now, it’s how we LIVE OUR LIVES and it works for us.

The very last thing that I do before turning off my light is set my alarm for…. 2:40 am.

Peace and love,

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